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Italcotto is a stunning retail store synonymous for being at the forefront of  tile and sanitary ware fashion trends in Cape Town .We are continually sourcing and making available  to the market the  latest in tile and sanitary ware designer trends from around the world.

Italcotto supplies an extraordinary range of tiles, natural stone, sanitary ware and fireplaces. Whether you are building, expanding, renovating or just sprucing up a tired looking room, bathroom or kitchen, the exquisite variety at Italcotto has what you require.

Our range of products include imported Italian porcelain tiles, mosaics, wall cladding, sandstone products, clay roof tiles, pizza ovens, baths, taps, basins, bidets and even clay wine bottle holders.

Italcotto has also been appointed as exclusive suppliers of Calore Fireplaces, Wood Burning Stoves and Pellet Stoves in the Cape area. So if you are looking for an eco-friendly heating solution you need to visit the fireplace showroom.

Italcotto has been the choice supplier of developers, architects and home owners for 22 years. To view our full range of products visit our showroom at Italcotto Centre in Christiaan Barnard Street (formerly Oswald Pirow Street), Cape Town.


Eco-friendly fireplaces

The Heating Solution for you this Winter

Winter in Cape Town is around the corner and for many of us we haven’t really started to think too much about how we are going to prepare for the cold months ahead.

Our closed combustion wood burning fireplaces and pellet fireplaces available from our Cape Town showroom feature a patented heating system –Multifire- which spreads heat  efficiently to different rooms in your home or office. The Multifire System maintains an even and ideal temperature from floor to ceiling thus maximizing the available heat at a level you can appreciate. (Selected units are compatible with the Multifire System)

The ideal situation to include the Multi Fire system into your home would be at planning stage. This will allow you to plan the ducting system as efficiently as possible.

This can be successfully done up to a total of 10 linear metres away for wood burning fireplaces and 16 linear metres for our pellet fireplaces.  The benefit of the fireplaces Multifire system is that the user can determine to which room you prefer to duct the hot air , as the vents can be manually opened and closed.


Pellet fireplaces are fully automated heating systems. They use wood pellets, which are manufactured from compressed sawdust and wood waste, as fuel. The manufacturing of wood pellets is derived from the timber industry which does not use the entire tree.

In fact large portions of the tree are wasted in the form of sawdust, off cuts and small branches which serve the timber industry no purpose. This would then either be dumped in landfills or left to rot. It is now possible for South Africans at a domestic level to utilize this energy from a waste product, and in doing so reduce the use of energy from fossil fuels which would have been used to produce the same heat energy.


As mentioned wood pellets are made from heated compressed sawdust. The heating in the compression process guarantees the moisture content of wood pellets to be around 6% which ensure a constant and highly efficient fuel source. The benefit of the wood pellet is the consistency of the size and shape, which allows for the automation of the feeding and calibration of wood pellet burning systems. Our wood pellets are sourced here locally in South Africa so a continuation of fuel is guaranteed to the users


The wood pellets are automatically fed from a hopper via an auger and dropped into a brazier where it would be automatically ignited. The feeding of the brazier is automatically managed thermostatically to ensure optimum efficiency of fuel used. Using wood pellets allows you to manage your own energy consumption without any down timer as the systems are completely automated. The advantages of using a wood Pellet fireplace is the complete automation, constant energy on demand, high efficiency, high energy output with  minimal cleaning and maintenance required.

Visit our fireplace showroom at the Italcotto Centre, Christiaan  Barnard Street, Foreshore, Cape Town to view our extensive range of wood burning and automated pellet fireplaces and to discuss your heating requirements with one of our knowledgeable heating specialists.

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General tips for choosing tiles for your home

Light colours - Choose light colours to make a small/dark room feel bigger and brighter.

Be adventurous - However, don’t be afraid of colour, which can also create some unique effects and environments in your home. Personal preference is the key.

Don't compromise -See tiles as an investment, not a cost; never compromise on quality, which can still be picked up at great prices.

Plan ahead- Always purchase an additional 5-10% more tiles than you actually need. This allows you (or the tiler) to compensate for cuts and breakages and ensures you have the same batch/shade should you have needed additional tiles. Most companies will offer a refund on unused boxes of tiles.


News Archive

A guide to Italian Tiles

A Guide to Italian Ceramic Tiles

Used on floors of our homes, in our kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms or around swimming pools, Italian tiles are a familiar presence in our day-to-day lives. But how much do we know about them.

This handbook aims to provide you with all the relevant information to ensure you make an informed decision and purchase of Italian tiles. It will also give you helpful tips on installation, cleaning and maintenance as well as ideas that combine versatility and safety.

Click on the link provided to learn more


Made In Italy



Italcotto support the genuine 100% Made in Italy label, because we wish to guarantee to all our customers that the Italian tiles they purchase from us are a true product of quality Italian craftsmanship.

Each nation has its own distinctive brand that characterizes its products and makes them stand out from their own kind: Made in Germany has always been synonymous with robustness and reliability; Made in the U.S.A. is the sign of an innovative and Avant Garde product; Made in Japan symbolizes high tech and functionality; Made in Italy expresses excellence of creativity and craftsmanship.

In the field of fashion, Italy takes first place for the high quality of its own textiles and the perfect elegance and refinement that goes into making them up, as well as for the guarantee of quality materials. The whole world admires and trusts a product that is made in Italy and many people are prepared to make huge sacrifices to be able to purchase an Italian branded article.

But what exactly does the 'Made in Italy' brand mean?

 It means a product that is entirely made in Italy, from the design, production, finish and ready for sale.

 The Made in Italy name ought to denote the actual and total provenance and production in Italy of the article that bears its name, but unfortunately in many cases this is not so.

In fact, many products can carry the Made in Italy name even though they are almost entirely made abroad!

According to article 24 of the European Customs Code  (Reg EEC 2913/1992), a product which has been made in two or more countries is considered to originate in the country where the final transformation or substantial work took place.

This means that if an article is produced 70% abroad and 30% in Italy, such an article could be labelled as Made in Italy. However even more shocking is that even an article that has been entirely produced abroad could bear the Made in Italy label, if it has been commissioned by a firm that is based in Italy.

What does all this imply?

Many Italian firms, , choose to move a large part of their production abroad, where labour is certainly cheaper but also less skilled, but where the same amount of personnel employed to make an article costs much less, allowing for a substantially higher profit margin.

This situation can't help but penalize the small to medium companies that have been making a genuine 100% Made in Italy product for generations ; and for clientele who really appreciates Italian quality with the daily satisfaction of guaranteeing a product imbued with the true essence of Italy.

We are proud to say that our selected Italian tile suppliers have decided to keep the entire production in Italy, guaranteeing the best quality of materials, a select workforce that is highly skilled and completely Italian, and a product that is 100% Made in Italy.


Our Team

With over 100 years of combined experience,

our staff are knowledgeable and eager to assist you with any product enquiry you may have in the tiling, sanitary ware and fireplace field; from sourcing an old tile to assisting you in coordinating tile layouts for your new home, our experienced interior designers are ready to help.

If it’s a new fireplace you are interested to install, our trained sales and technical specialists are ready and prepared to make site visits to make your choice a simple and painless experience. Our warehouse team will arrange to deliver your purchase to your home with care and a smile. Experience true personal service from a team of passionate individuals who really care and are proud to be part of your building project, big or small.

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